The National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA), national-level entrance examination, is taken to get admission to the 5 years Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.) course across India. The NATA scores are considered extremely important as many private and government institutes consider these scores while providing admission to students.

In this article, we have covered the new dates for NATA 2020 and provided useful tips you can use while preparing for this exam. 

NATA 2020 New Exam Dates

NATA 2020 that was scheduled for April 19 and May 31, however, due to the country-wide lockdown because of COVID-19, the dates got delayed. Nonetheless, presently getting everything back on track, COA (Council of Architecture) has chosen to conduct the NATA exam first on August 01 and later on August 29, 2020. The release of fresh NATA exam dates was made through the notice dated, May 19, 2020. For more info

The admit card for NATA should be issued soon at ( for all enrolled candidates. 

Council of Architecture (COA) carries NATA twice.

Preparation Tips To Plan For NATA 2020

As getting admission into renowned colleges for architectural degrees, NATA scores are crucial. Hence, effective preparation before the exam is vital. Now that the new dates have been announced and are right around the corner, here are some tips you can use to prepare for the examination.

Logical Reasoning and Mathematics

With exquisite drawing skills, one  should additionally work on logical reasoning and mathematics daily. Study everything one can concerning architecture, read about the current affairs associated with it and read newspapers daily. For maths, brush up the methods, skills, and techniques required to solve the paper.


Relevant questions are judged by examiners and marked on the basis of  drawing, visualisation and colouring techniques. So it would be best if one prepares daily on these essential aspects.

Speed Drawing

Speed drawing is essential in NATA 2020. It would help if you have the fast speed to draw anything the question is demanding in the least time as you may have to fill in the colours too.

Previous Year’s Question Papers 

Interpreting the past year’s question papers assists you to boost your speed and capacity to attempt the questions efficiently. So practicing the drawing questions asked will help boost thinking and drawing skills.

Draw Light

You should practice drawing the essential question in light strokes first. You can draw a rough sketch initially and then erase the part which does not look correct. 

It assists you to preserve time in erasing the whole drawing again and again.Also practising thumbnail sketches prior to drawing the final sketch helps one think faster and draw on larger paper quicker. We at IID follow a strict rule of drawing a minimum of 3 thumbnail sketches for every question to be attempted. This helps students think about three different possibilities of the same question. 

Essential Things to Know About NATA 2020

Twice a year

With NTA conducting JEE Main twice a year from last year, the paper 2 applicants for B.Arch admission get an opportunity to attempt the exam twice and increase their score. Thus, COA, having it fair, stated NATA to be taken twice too.

Admission process

As for the admission process, once the NATA score and 12th board exam scores are released, the Cumulative final score is calculated and considered as the final score of NATA.

Based on which the college selection process and further processes are initiated. 

Following which the students duly fill colleges they wish to be a part of. After technical processes the colleges release the list of candidates chosen , based on their Final cumulative scores.

Results Accepted 

You can register for admission in the colleges with a score of any of the 2 NATA exams that you apply for. Although, if you try both April and July exams, the best score out of both is accepted for admission. Applying in both exams or one exam is entirely your choice.