Every year, hundreds of aspirants aim to clear the NIFT exams to pursue their dreams of becoming a designer.

However, clearing these exams isn’t a piece of cake, and you might wonder that what happens next if you fail the first time. Honestly, it’s not an impossible thought, and the fact that many first-time students tend to miss out, it’s important to have a fall-back strategy in place. So, if you’re worried about not clearing the NIFT exam, here are some options that can help you take the next steps.

Begin Again and Give Your Best

What do you do if you feel that design is your calling but need help breaking in? If this has been bothering you and causing you to second-guess your choice to enter the design profession, know that life is about doing what makes you happy. It’s important to follow your own bliss instead than conforming to the expectations of others.

Trust in your abilities. Believe in yourself, seize any chance you get, and investigate all of your options.

There’s no doubt that NIFT are prestigious schools, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. There are several schools where you may enroll in a four-year design degree or diploma program. You shouldn’t limit yourself to a university education if you want to work in design, either. While higher education is crucial, you should also put effort into developing other skills, such as enthusiasm, learning, creativity, analytical thinking, etc.

Try Try Till You Succeed

Just because you didn’t clear it the first time, doesn’t mean you don’t have it in you. You can try again. For instance, a candidate can apply for the UG programme until he attains 24 years of age (5 years relaxation for SC/ST/PwD candidates) and as many times as he wants for the PG programme, when it comes to the NIFT exam. 

So, if you haven’t been able to clear the exam the first time, apply again and prepare better this time. Here are some helpful tips you could use to improve your performance: 

  • Acquaint yourself with the NIFT 2023 curriculum and examination format – It is crucial for the applicant to have a comprehensive understanding of the question kinds, weighting, exam duration, and level of difficulty. The GAT test for the B.Des program, for example, has just a 30% weight.Some overzealous students attempt to read all they can find on the subject and wind up purchasing one book after another. This is unjustified, as the candidate may utilize this time to improve their sketching talents.
  • Create a firm plan – If you are familiar with the course outline or test format, you may create a study plan. A study plan will keep you on your toes, which is one reason you should always have one. For instance, you will not want to waste a day since you have tasks and subjects scheduled for that day; if you neglect it, it will be added to your agenda for the following day!
  • Take notes – At first, your notes may not be up to par, as you may not know which points to record and which to overlook, but with practice, you will improve. The notes you take will serve as a ready-reckoner for speedy review. This will be useful, especially in the last weeks before the exam.
  • Answer exam papers from past years – This task is essential for gauging one’s development and developing problem-solving abilities. In addition, while the same question is rarely repeated on the NIFT examination, some word definitions may be repeated. Thus, solving sample papers is essential.
  • Rest is essential – In the midst of all the exam-related commotion, it is easy to forget about one’s health. In certain instances, pupils forego sleep or fail to relax on time. This causes undesired stress levels in the body and slows down the mind’s response time. Under extreme stress, the applicant may even begin to hallucinate. Thus, rest appropriately between your preparations and keep hydrated.


You shouldn’t give up if you’re passionate about design. You may still succeed as a designer without formal training at NIFT. Just because one opportunity has passed you by doesn’t mean you should abandon your aspirations. Tailor your study of design to the specific areas that most excite you. You should do sufficient research. There’s no shame in wanting to make a living doing what you love.

If you want to prepare effectively for the NIFT exam, we at IID can help you clear it the next time through our comprehensive workshops and focused curriculum.To learn more about our services and how we can help, contact us now!