‘Survival of the fittest’ – the slogan made by the deep Herbert Spencer, famous English sociologist in the 19th Century, observes popular application in today’s world. In the race we are running, the purpose or end line is a success, fame and fulfilment. But only those who are the fittest will survive.

The original race starts towards the end of a person’s school days. That is the point when you have to make decisions that will affect the coming profession years. You have to pick a path or stream of education, take the entrance exams, get into a university and come out with a specialization degree.

Getting into a premier architecture institute that gives the aspired course is exceptionally productive for the rest of your career. On your resume, the label of a good college plus good numbers will act as a gateway to the career life. Even if you want to try something different or want to be a businessperson, you will find the atmosphere welcoming you with open arms due to the name of the college you are from.

Ultimately, with potential and struggle, you climb up the ladder either as a corporate operator or as an administrator. The initial step starts with a competitive exam. By the time you are in 11th grade, you should have a precise vision of what you want to do, the field you want to take. Thus, prepare for the competing exams and strive for the best university or college.

If you are facing trouble qualifying for the exams, it’s imperative that you choose the best NATA classes in Pune. The big puzzle is, what factors you should think while choosing a coaching institute that satisfies the requisite needs the competitive exams require.

Analyze The Advantages 

The competing exam will be structured into several sections, to quantify your aptitude in needed areas. Accordingly, when you are browsing by websites of coaching classes, go through their course curriculum. The course curriculum will provide you with a good sense of how important will it be for the competing exam.

You can collect the connection details by attending their official websites and inquire into the following facts.

  • Years of expertise in serving NATA coaching
  • Last year’s result of NATA candidate
  • The practice of coaches for NATA coaching
  • Former student’s feedback
  • Career direction classes and supports
  • Exam registration care and admission guidance
  • Availability of drawing workshops and theory classes in the coaching centre
  • Help from the architecture/ design department which is already set in the centre
  • Convenience and hostel amenity
  • Library provided with most advanced course materials and hand-outs
  • Periodical tests and monitoring
  • Mock test in both online and offline mode
  • Computer lab department for practising the exams online
  • Well designed curriculum and Student monitoring method
  • Providing the most advanced materials prepared by the experienced instructors

Teaching Capabilities 

The staff and alumni play a key role in determining the best NATA and UCCED classes in Pune. Check out the accomplishments of the alumni and the admissions record and the qualifications of the staff members. The best institutes select faculty who have years of knowledge, expertise as well as strong working knowledge of the division.

The student-teacher ratio of a coaching institute is an excellent tip in choosing the best institute. The batches shouldn’t be overcrowded. Ensure that the number of students per batch is less so that the involvement of the facility with students on an individual level will be high. 


See the duration of the course. NATA coaching is accessible as a three-month course as well as a one year course. Pick the duration you are most satisfied with. Additionally, there are weekday classes as well as weekend classes given by reputed coaching centres.

Idea Institute of Design, since its inception in 2015, has been known for the natural way and professional excellence. Offering professional NATA, NID and NIFT coaching in Pune, they have been continuously focusing their study on the bridging the gap between theory, i.e. what is being taught and the profession. This provides students with a structured, regular curriculum in a creative environment where special attention improves educational life. With a large team of enthusiastic specialists who have vast field experience of more than 10 years and teaching experience of more than 8 years, they make sure that their students get the best from the professional world.