Acknowledged as one of the sophisticated professions and marked as a profession for elite class learners, architecture has grown phenomenally in the last couple of decades. Moreover, the demographic set up of students has increased exponentially with students from various social background, disciplines, and experience aspiring to pursue architecture. 

The main reason for this is because a career in architecture is attractive, high paying, and has lots of potential in terms of growth. 

That being said, building a career in this field is not an easy feat as, besides the required criteria, some essential skills are also needed for a profession in architecture. For example, acing the NATA exam is crucial, which is usually done with the support of top NATA coaching classes in Pune. 

However, the benefits and exposure are surely worth the effort. In this blog, we will go over the scope and job requirements currently in the architecture niche. 

Job Prospects

Architects can work with construction firms wherein they are expected to work as a designer. Initially, an architect is supposed to understand the specific demands of customers and strike the right stability between aesthetics and practicality. 

Additionally, an architect can assist customers with their thoughts in terms of balancing the conditions of appearance, financial budget and time span. 

Some architects also work individually and earn their living through consultancy payments which entirely depends upon the skills and facilities as well as work experience.

Most of the works in architecture come up in government organizations, some of which are: 

  • Public Works Department
  • Archaeological Department
  • Ministry of Defense
  • National Building Organization
  • Town and Country Planning Organization
  • National Institute of Urban Affairs
  • Departments of Railways
  • Post and Telegraphs
  • Public Sector Undertakings
  • Housing and Urban Development Corporation
  • National Building Construction Corporation Ltd.

While some other groups or organizations like State Departments, Housing Boards, Local Bodies for construction works, Builders, Architecture Firms, Consultants, etc. also have a high demand for architects.

International Focus

Significant working events are open for architects who have specialization in one section or the other. Various internationally acclaimed architecture and real estate development companies give job opportunities to applicants who are ready to explore careers outside India. 

The main attraction of running with such architecture firms is that applicants earn attractive pay packages and other perquisites. Dubai, Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Shanghai, and many other centres have gone through enormous changes in terms of constructing high standing buildings, and architects have played a significant role in it. 

Besides the architects who have served some specialization education in building engineering and administration, architectural conservation, modern design, landscape architecture, marine architecture, architecture concerning transportation etc. to have brilliant career possibilities in the USA and other western developing countries which are studying for sustainable development and pay. Most of the abroad projects in architecture come from private sector real estate developers who are looking to create a niche with the guidance of design and planning.

Leading Job Roles In The Industry 


An architect is someone who has got practice from an architecture institute on the planning, outlining, design and overlooking of the construction of buildings. Usually, architects are licensed to study architecture. An architect either can work individually or for some architecture firm or real estate growing firm.

Architecture Designer

Architecture designers are specialists who are concerned with designing houses and different small buildings. However, while they are not listed as an architect, they do various jobs such as designing buildings, designing light-frame buildings, including family resorts, agricultural buildings, etc. Some job roles for architecture designers may involve designing of decorative facades malls or big to small-sized buildings.

Architecture Engineer

These experts have the double qualification of architect and a civil engineer. Awarded with the responsibility to provide the services of an architect and engineer, such professionals have excellent demand in the job business.

Interior Designer

Trained professionals can work with interior designing firms offering services in serene interiors, home interior, bedroom interior, bathroom interior, kitchen, furniture designing, etc.

Hence, it goes without saying that there is a huge scope for success and a path to grow in the field of architecture. If you too are planning to build your career in this field, you should consider enrolling for the best NATA courses Pune available about Ideaa Institute to fast track your growth.