One may look back on the 1980s and early 1990s and see that the fashion industry was full of creative geniuses with an eye for design.

However, as the industry has developed and the world has become more interconnected, many new opportunities have emerged that do not require a background in draping and stitching.

Many people enjoy the fashion world but need to know where they belong. Visiting professor at NIFT and Instituto Marangoni designer Aniket Satam discusses the many exciting new opportunities in the fashion industry.

“The fashion industry is like a polyhedral monster with many different sub-industries. Many brands have a direction and some objectives, but many need more when it comes to originality. Creating and selling products is only part of the equation now. Sabyasachi began his career selling handmade neckpieces, expanded into other areas, and is now a multibillionaire. Even though brick-and-mortar stores are closing and digital media is expanding, the fashion photography and product styling industries will continue to thrive. Alternatively, one could look into being a creative consultant.”

Here are five other careers you might pursue if you have a flair for fashion but don’t want to go into design.

1. Micro-Blogging 

Among millennials and Generation Z, content creation has emerged as one of the most promising fields. The interesting content that fashion bloggers provide is well-known and appreciated by the general public. Microblogging frees you to devote all your time and energy to update your social media profiles. Thus, you can still have a good shot at success even if you are not a fantastic writer, so long as you know your way around a camera.

Companies and individuals pay microbloggers to market their products to their enormous online audience in an appealing fashion. Their success on social media is directly proportional to the quality and quantity of the content they produce and share with the world.

Although becoming an “influencer” has only been popular in the last five years, the industry is already highly competitive. It comes with several privileges, including frequent travel and access to high-end clothing and accessories.

2. Celebrity Stylist

Stylists keep the entertainment and fashion industries in check. Simply put, they act as the go-betweens who provide a seamless transition between the two interconnected sectors. On and off the red carpet, celebrities sported questionable ensembles before fashion styling became a mainstream profession. Many now-famous fashion designers were also relatively unknown before we were introduced to them by our intrepid stylists.

We control the modern army of fashion designers, stylists, and photographers who give our favorite celebrities jaw-dropping new looks while simultaneously boosting the careers of the designers and artists responsible for them.

If you’re into fashion, there are many avenues open to you. There are a wide variety of paths you can take in the fashion industry, from working as a stylist for a celebrity to working as an editorial stylist for a magazine to even working as a stylist for a designer or company.

3. Fashion Journalism

In reality, there is much more to the world of fashion than what you see on the catwalk or in the ethereal displays of a high-end boutique; this is what fashion journalism aims to depict. The keyboard warriors provide you with the ins and outs of the trade and the informative path from concept to creation of a collection. Combining an interest in fashion with an aptitude for writing could lead to a fulfilling career as a fashion journalist. These days, many online venues are willing to take a chance on you because of the global trend toward digitization.

4. Public Relations

More than just promoting new collections each season, fashion PR is about aiding the company as it grows and evolves in the marketplace. A publicist works with the brand to identify its ideal customers and influence how the public perceives the company. They created a more alluring presentation for the brand’s packaging, which led to its commercial success. This brand results from turning a firm into a recognized entity in its industry.

The ideal candidate will be proactive in spotting relevant trends and will be able to assist the brand in adapting to the wishes of its target audience. Assist in maintaining the label’s prominence by linking it to the press, the A-list, and the paparazzi.

5. Fashion Photography

Photographers specializing in fashion help designers’ ideas come to life by capturing their collections in stunning visuals. They tell a tale through clothing rather than simply photographing it. Aesthetically shot images are frequently the foundation of a fashion journal, and their work is often included in the glossy pages of a magazine, which adds to the visual appeal. Grab your camera and join the narrative if fashion storytelling is what you live for.


Opportunities abound in the fashion industry, one of the world’s fastest-growing businesses, for those who aren’t afraid to think outside the box and pursue a career in an unorthodox area. That being said, there are multiple ways to become a designer, and almost every prominent artist’s journey is different. However, an excellent way to assure a successful career in this industry is by completing the NIFT course. Of course, the course isn’t easy; hence, you could consider opting for NIFT courses in Pune


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