You want to take the UCEED Exam, right? Are you anxious about how to create a study plan to cover the course material in six months?

If you want to know the secrets that helped me pass the test on the first try, you’ll find them here.

Our specialists at IID (a leader in delivering the greatest online coaching for UCEED) have compiled their best advice and tactics for preparing for UCEED in 3months, and we’ve compiled them all here for your convenience.

Keep reading to find out how to put out a study schedule, what subjects should be covered, and more.

What Experts Recommend

Experts recommend starting your test preparation at least six months in advance.

Make sure you set out at least 1–1.5 hours each day to go through UCEED Question Papers from past years if you want to study for 8 hours each day. Effective time management and creative problem-solving abilities may be developed in this manner.

As was previously said, taking the UCEED entrance test successfully calls for a well-thought-out approach to study that encompasses all of the material on the curriculum.

Is it possible to finish the course material in 3 months? In such a case, look at the study schedule below and prepare properly.

First and Second Month

The UCEED exam is unlike any other design admission exam in that it tests more than just your capacity to visualize and understand space; it also assesses your awareness of the world around you, your ability to observe and interpret design, your creativity, and your ability to solve problems.

This test differs from others because it includes a drawing question that can only be answered with a pen and paper; therefore, students need a new approach to studying for it.

  • Learn all you can about the UCEED test by reading the syllabus and format in great depth.
  • Separate all topics, and set aside at least 2 hours to study each.
  • You should spend more time on ideas like Indian art and design history, the great composers of the 20th century, texture-making materials, and the chronology of logo designs.
  • Complete all of the units at the end of the second month.

Third and Fourth Month

  • Make a note of your trouble spots and revisit them.
  • Be sure to review your material from the week during the weekend so you don’t forget it.
  • To get a feel for the test’s complexity and the questions it will pose, it’s a good idea to practice using UCEED practice tests and past-year papers.
  • When you’ve finished a paper, take some time to reflect on how well you did.
  • You should review everything you’ve learned and prepared for in the previous four.
  • During the final days of the UCEED test, uncertainty and anxiety will result from choosing a new subject.
  • Try to review as many questions from last year’s exams as possible.
  • Put your study skills to the test by taking as many UCEED Mock Tests as possible.

Preparation Tips to Crack UCEED in 3 Months

In six months, you may easily pass the UCEED examination. However, a well-structured plan, a preparatory approach, and hard effort were necessary.

Observe the pattern

You must be acquainted with the UCEED Exam Pattern since it explains the format of the exam, the marking system, and the number of questions in each part.

Get the fundamentals right

If you do not understand the fundamentals, it will be tough to do well in the test. Consequently, ensure you have a firm grasp on the fundamentals since this will make your preparations easier.

Enhance speed

If you do not enhance your pace, having exceptional sketching talents and ideas is useless. It would assist if you attempted to demonstrate your inventiveness in a short amount of time, thus, practice and consistency are essential.

Develop your drawing skills

Attempt to enhance your drawing abilities since sketching with tools is often prohibited on the UCEED admission examination.

Utilize the proper tools for sketches, such as two types of pencils: H-grade for rough work and light drawings and B-grade for speedy work and shading.

Enhance general understanding

Make it a habit to read newspapers and publications routinely. In addition, monitor the news to be abreast of the latest global events. Additionally, you might find answers in everything that captures your attention.

Review sample exams

Solving sample examination questions can help you comprehend the exam’s difficulty level and question types. Additionally, this is the greatest approach to grasping the exam format.

While studying the UCEED 2023 sample papers, you should attempt to strike a balance between speed and precision.

Take a break

Taking pauses between study sessions can enhance your ability to focus and concentrate. Additionally, it will assist reduce your tension.


It is tough to recall everything you have previously learned using our revision. Attempt to set aside at least one month for revision.

Best Books For UCEED 2023

The selection of high-quality textbooks is crucial for test success. The following books may be used as part of your study for the UCEED Certification Exam.


Name of the Book Name of the Author
UCEED (B.Des) Entrance Books and Test Series Paperback AFAINDIA
The Design of Everyday Things: Revised and Expanded Edition Kindle Edition Don Norman
UCEED Design Environment & Social Awareness In Design Perspective Combined With Mental & Verbal Aptitude Institute of Creative Sciences
Comprehensive English for NID, NIFT, UCEED, CEED, NATA, B.Arch & Other Design Entrance Exams Paperback Designologue



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