It is a widespread myth that artists and designers are underpaid or must work part-time jobs to make ends meet.

Many people are unaware that innovative thinking is a highly valued skill in almost every field, and that those who pursue fashion, design, or architecture have a plethora of opportunities available to them.

Below are a few reasons why you need to respect your imagination and ambition and forget the naysayers, from cultivating a varied skill set to designing your own career after you complete your 10th or 12th examination. 

Reasons Why An Artistic Career Is Best For you

1. Design Creates An Impact

Design and its values have a bigger influence on our lives than you could think. The environment around us is created from the imagination of a creative individual. For example, the clothes you wear are created by fashion designers and the building you live in is created by an architect. 

2. Become A Member of A Supportive Community

Having a different perspective can make you feel out of place, although in the design and creative industry, it is just what will propel your career forward. A community of people that understand, support and encourage you and value your curiosity and imagination is exactly the environment you can grow in by pursuing a creative career. 

3. The Economy Relies On Creativity 

Art, fashion, and architecture are some of India’s fastest-growing sectors, and innovative and collaborative creativity is sought after in a variety of fields, involving education, healthcare, agriculture, and production. Design does not just benefit the economy but also propels it forward.

4. A Plethora of Opportunities 

Although artistic creativity may provide a solid basis for a career in a particular field, a desire to learn professional skills and the ability to solve the problems creatively may be more critical. This opens the doors for graduates in the creative and non-artistic fields, as well as in nonprofit and voluntary organizations, commercial industry, and cultural institutions.

Popular Creative Careers 

Regardless of whether you’re a fashion designer or a talented architect, innovative experts with high-demand qualifications and experience have plenty of career options in today’s work market.

Here is a look at a few high-paying artistic careers to help you decide which direction you want to take with your career.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers have a large impact on how we view our visual environment. Thousands of illustrations of their work can be found anywhere, including your own house. These designers compel us to purchase goods and services, visit a website or download an app, read magazines, or even connect with brands on social media.

Graphic designers are used by a diverse range of companies and organisations. These digital designers use their talents to create both digital and printed works of art for a variety of uses such as website/app design, product advertising, corporate branding, posters, pamphlets, and point-of-sale products.

Restoration Architect

The history and tradition of our cultures as represented by architecture are not only exquisite glimpses into the past, but they are also critical to understanding our society as a discipline. Building conservation and renovation are undeniably difficult tasks; it is impossible to please everyone. Hence, restoration architects are in high demand recently. 

Industrial Architect

Due to their strong artistic links, many architectural companies have branched out into industrial design. Industrial architecture, on the other hand, focuses on smaller-scale mass-production products, as opposed to large-scale buildings constructed for a particular context. If the idea of doing something massive, permanent, and landscape-changing seems too daunting, industrial design is a fantastic, smaller-scaled option.

Research Architect

Our forms of communication and expression are evolving rapidly as a result of the new wave of graphic design and the relentless development of digital technologies. The influence of information technology on architecture has been immense, and it is far from over. These continuous developments are greatly enhanced in part by the exciting research conducted by architects, which does not simply consist of constructing structures, but rather focuses on how these innovative technologies can strengthen our practice.

How To Pursue A Creative Career After 10th or 12th

After finishing your 10th or 12th grade, you can select from a variety of innovative courses to take the next step towards a competitive and rewarding career:

  • Architecture: a 5-year course that incorporates professional education for 6 months.
  • Industrial design: Product Designers (a subgenre of Industrial Design) design and produce a wide range of products, including cell phones, Bluetooth headsets, smartwatches, wheelchairs, furniture, and household appliances. Automobile Design is yet another method of industrial design that focuses on the design and production of vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, and even buses.
  • Interior design
  • Fashion technology: Fashion Technology aims to combine manufacturing and technological values with fashion concepts. Many with a penchant for fashion and a passion for technology should expect an interesting and fulfilling career in this field.
  • Fashion design
  • Animation and graphics: The animation industry in India is expanding rapidly, owing to an increased need for VFX, post-production, and CGI. Although the Indian television and film industries have a long tradition of exporting such technology to specialists from other countries, there is a growing demand for locally produced content. An exciting career in this area is also possible if one possesses good artistic talents, an esthetic sense, the ability to deal with computers and technologies, and a passion for architecture and multimedia.
  • Set designing
  • Automation design


The main ambition for learners in the 10th or 12th grade should be to be able to choose a profession that makes them happy. Thus, before entering the rat race to achieve a career goal, one must be properly educated by the appropriate people and educational institutions. At IID, we provide comprehensive courses for entrance exams like NATA and UCEED, which can help you secure an admission in prestigious design and architecture colleges around the country. So, if you’re looking for a way to kick start your creative career, contact us today!

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