After much wait, the Council of Architecture (CoA) has finally released the brochure for the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) 2021.

NATA is a national-level exam, which is conducted for students all over the country to secure admissions in acclaimed architecture courses. 

The CoA has confirmed the dates of the first and second test dates for the National Aptitude Test (NATA 2021). The syllabus date and time brochure is also available on the government website and The portals are now open to candidates who wish to register for the test. Applicants are encouraged to visit the website for updates.

However, if you’re looking for a quick overview of the brochure, here are the key elements mentioned. 

The New Exam Syllabus 

The NATA 2020 examination pattern was different due to the outbreak of the pandemic. Instead of the standard drawing test, a cognitive skill test was implemented. However, that was widely criticized by the candidates who attempted it. However, the 2021 NATA brochure is more surprising than the previous syllabuses. The usual pattern of exams and syllabus has been completely replaced by a new one.

Most of the syllabus is focused on specialized architectural expertise.   The syllabus reflects on fundamental architecture topics such as structural elements and principles of design, building anatomy, and architectural terminology that have not been used or asked for in previous exams.

As the new pattern was released with barely any time to prepare, there’s no doubt that aspirants are stressed about appearing for this exam. 

NATA 2021 Exam Dates 

As declared in the brochure, the NATA 2021 exam will be divided into two phases. Phase 1 will be conducted on April 10th, while Phase 2 is scheduled for June 12th. If you want to register online for the Phase 1 of NATA 2021, it’s important to note that the closing is on March 28th. 

Mode of NATA 2021 Examination

Following the outbreak of the pandemic last year, NATA 2020 was conducted completely online for the first time ever. Considering the high number of cases, NATA 2021 will be conducted completely online once again. If you’re a candidate, you can either take the test at the comfort of your house, or if you don’t have the necessary set-up, you can also take the test at your nearest test center. Due to the efficiency of the online model, it is predicted that the NATA exam will not go back to the offline mode and taking the test online will become the new norm. 

Mark Distribution

The examination is not subdivided into sections. It’s a single, unified evaluation of 125 questions. The questions are Multiple Choice Type (MCQ), Multiple Choice Type (MSQ), Preferential Choice Type (PCQ), and Numerical Answer Type (NAQ).

The questions will be either 1, 2 or 3 marks, and 125 questions will have to be answered in 180 minutes. The test medium shall be the English language. Mentioned below are the parameters of the test: 

  1. Diagrammatic Reasoning 
  2. Numerical Reasoning
  3. Verbal Reasoning
  4. Inductive Reasoning 
  5. Situational Judgment 
  6. Logical Reasoning
  7. Abstract Reasoning 

Tackling The New Syllabus

With just less than a month to go until the preliminary examination, the applicants are overwhelmed by the broad and vague syllabus. Students who were self preparing themselves for the test are now confused as to which guide they should refer to. Hence, if you’re facing challenges preparing for the new syllabus, you should consider joining a NATA course at a coaching center, like IID. The expert faculty can guide you through the advanced syllabus and help you ace the exam!

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