NID is the first and most prestigious institution devoted to project education in India under the auspices of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry.

NID is considered the “Institution of National Importance” by the Act of Parliament, the best recognised and the most looked after architecture institution. It provides a Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) a 4-year programme in 8 domains and Master of Design (M.Des.) in 19 domains. Therefore, certainly, NID is an ideal venture for several designs, fashion, architectural & art career connoisseurs.

IID offers online & classroom NID training for all NID courses provided by B.Des & M.Des. We offer overall knowledge of architecture, functionality, sketching, management skills, lateral thought, analysis, concept implementation, resource creation, mock test as well as the presentation of power points. The best NID entrance test training courses in Pune, India are provided by our team at IID. 

Our special teaching style and reference papers offered in our training centre as a study material are mostly identical to question papers from the previous years of the entrance exam. Our layout and questioning coaching style fit the subjects relevant to the entrance tests, thereby offering quality design and training in architecture.

Why We Are The Best

We offer a competitive NID, NATA, CEED, UCEED, NIFT & other design-related entrance exam coaching classes in Pune. We have hired a team of experts and offer the best services to our students to ensure they are able to ace the exams. 

LIVE Online Classes

At IID we provide LIVE Online Classroom Course, which includes LIVE Online Lectures by NID, NIFT & IIT Alumni Specialists, Access to Video Captured Lessons (24 x 7) and Written and PDF Research Materials. Our online portal also offers tests in the format of actual papers. 

Classroom Coaching

IID gives students multiple classroom coaching choices to accommodate their daily academic schedules. In our regular and crash classes, the full course includes all levels of the Concept Entrance Test. (Design Aptitude test, General Skill test, Workshop test, interview and planning of the portfolio included.) We also help our students prepare for the exam with over 50 comprehensive mock tests to attempt. Our expert faculty organises discussions and expert analysis on sketches and drawing, with daily homework to ensure our students have a strong hold on all concepts.  

Study Material / Online Coaching

For architecture aspirants who could not enrol in IID courses, we offer online coaching curriculum and self-study resources. NID, NIFT, IIT Alumni plan the materials after a thorough study of NID, NIFT, UCEED, and other architecture colleges’ examinations. The products are modified according to recent trends of research, with over 5000+ questions to solve. 

For students in classes X to XII and college, studying for the NID entry tests, the concept entry coaching programmes provided by us are perfect.

So, if you’re looking to pass your NID entrance test with flying colours and take the first step to build a successful career in architecture, book an appointment with us at IID today

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