In the last decade or so, students’ aspirations have shifted drastically. Students are willing to take chances and choose unusual career paths. People nowadays can easily transition from one profession to another

In India, design is a relatively new area for students. Other than a few government-run educational institutes, there were few decent educational institutes offering the course a decade ago. The students were largely uninterested in pursuing a career in design. Things have improved since then. As design and architecture have a wide range of applications, it is seen as a cool career choice by the new generation, and students who would have gone into conventional fields like engineering or law are now choosing the design.

That being said, simply getting a degree and a certificate isn’t enough to make it big in the design field. Due to the immense level of imagination and creativity required, skill is as, if not more important than education. 

So, if you’re looking to start a career in design in 2022, read our guide to get a better understanding of the current environment. 

The Booming Design Industry In India 

Startups are the future of the country. In fact, the country is referred to as the startup hub of the world. The development wheels are turning thanks to new-age entrepreneurs who are bringing India’s growth story a new path and dimension. So, what’s in store for aspiring designers? One of the main areas of focus for startups is branding.

You’ve probably noticed that today’s prosperous businesses all have a distinct brand name and aim to communicate the same message to everyone. Designers play an important part across pushing the brand across both the online and offline worlds by creating outstanding products for consumers.

The ‘Make in India’ campaign has also boosted the garment industry, with analysts predicting that India will become an apparel manufacturing superpower in the near future. This bodes well for those interested in pursuing a career in fashion design.

Lastly, the Lok Sabha passed the National Institute of Design 2019 (Amendment) Bill in November 2019. Its aim is to designate the National Institute of Design – NID in Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Haryana, and Andhra Pradesh as national institutions.

This denotes that the Government of India sees the potential in the design industry and aims to offer strong education options, which allows aspiring designers to thrive. 

Should You Be Part of The Design Industry? 

Before you go any further, you must first decide whether or not working in the design industry is the best choice for you. What do you want to achieve by pursuing a career in design? After ten years as an artist, where do you see yourself? These are significant questions, even if they are cliched. 

So, to determine if you’re the right fit for the design industry, here are a couple of questions to ask yourself: 

Do you find that the packaging of a product fascinates you more than the product itself?

  • Are you able to distinguish fonts in TV commercials easily?
  • Do you have strong feelings towards other people’s colour choices?
  • Pinterest and Instagram are the social media sites where you spend the most time. They’re your favourites, aren’t they?
  • The importance of aesthetics cannot be overstated. Are you a visualizer who enjoys buying clothing or other accessories with influenced patterns?
  • Although your friends are more concerned with the car’s speed, are you just concerned with its appearance?
  • Branding and logos excite you, have you realized how important they are for any successful company?
  • Do you have a talent for handicrafts?

If you answer ‘YES’ for a majority of the questions, then there’s no doubt that the design industry is for you. 

Top Career Prospects In The Design Field In 2021

Architectural marvels in any world are a few aspects that describe a country’s prowess like nothing else. In addition, several prominent companies are remembered for their architecture. The style is at the forefront, whether it’s Coca-Cola’s red and white mix or McDonald’s mighty M. As a result, businesses are hiring good designers who can bring value by enhancing brand awareness and attracting consumers now more than ever.

So, what are the designing career opportunities in 2022 like? Here is a list of industries in which you can make a successful and lucrative career: 

  • Graphics Design
  • Interiors
  • Fashion
  • Automobiles
  • Animation Design
  • Texturing and Lighting
  • Concept Designing
  • Industrial Designing

Entrance Exams For Admissions To The Top Design Institutes In India

In the recent past, multiple renowned and reputed colleges in India have gained prominence. However, in order to get admissions to these colleges, you need to crack the various design entrance exams. Some of the most popular entrance exams that you need to ace to get into a design college are: 

  • National Aptitude Test in Architecture – NATA 
  • National Institute of Design – NID
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology – NIFT
  • Common Entrance Examination for Design – CEED 
  • Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design – UCEED 

So, if you’ve decided to pursue a career in architecture or design, it’s time to get started. There are many design coaching courses available to assist you in achieving great scores. IID is a leading NID coaching class in Pune, where you can learn from trained and seasoned design faculty while also receiving professional advice on your design career. 

To ensure you’re able to harness your imagination and creativity, we offers multiple workshops at IID, including: 

  • Material handling workshop
  • Model making workshop
  • Clay workshop
  • Calligraphy workshop

These workshops are conducted by experts and focused on helping participants think, draw, explore, assess and execute their designs better. 

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