Fashion design is one of the most popular courses among students from all walks of life in today’s India. And while most people might be of the opinion that fashion designing is not such a desirable course,

we can confidently tell you that this career option has lots more to offer than meets the eye. Fashion is a huge part of everyone’s life in a country like India that is more Western-influenced than any other nations around the world, and that’s why its influence on our culture is rising so rapidly. Big fashion brands like Dior, Philippe Luise and Channel are expanding their presence in Indian cities, catching up with this trend, and that is why it can be clearly understood how important the need for fashion designers is in India today.

But the questions that haunt the minds of most aspiring designers are “how to become a fashion designer?” If you’re one of those too, look no further, as, in today’s article, we will discuss how you can successfully become a fashion designer in India. 

Before we get to the steps of becoming a fashion designer, let’s see the benefits. 

Benefits of Becoming A Fashion Designer In India

There are a host of benefits when it comes to becoming a fashion designer in India. We have listed a few of these below. 

1. Job Opportunities

There is no doubt that this area has abundant career opportunities. The demand for designers has also increased with the increase in demand for fashionable apparel. Therefore, the job opportunities for fashion designers, as well as every fashion-related job, have increased rapidly in the fashion industry.

2. Income

In this industry, it’s difficult to determine a set salary as it entirely depends on person to person, as well as the talent they have. At the end of the day, the salary or income you make as a fashion designer entirely depends on the popularity of your name or your brand’s name. For example, a Sabyasachi suit sells at a much higher cost than a suit created by another designer. 

3. Opportunity To Travel The World

Once you become an established designer, you will have plenty of opportunities as retailers, fashion companies, manufacturing companies and fashion magazines. Moreover, you will get the chance to travel the world as the demand for your designs increase. 

4. Bring A Change To The Fashion World 

As a fashion designer, you must strive to bring new designs to the world and constantly change the latest fashion trends. This will give you a chance to bring about meaningful changes to the fashion industry and build your brand’s prominence and influence. 

5. A Glamorous Lifestyle

A fashion designer gets a chance to meet stars, attend shows, parties and be part of an extremely glamousous industry. Moreover, you’ll get a chance to work with prominent models in the fashion industry and make clothes for renonwed personalities who will wear YOUR designs. 

Skills Required To Be A Successful Fashion Designer 

If you want to be successful as a fashion designer, you need to be knowledgeable in various sectors including clothing material, garment combinations, pattern-making, knitting and sewing techniques, retailing and others. 

However, besides these technical skills that can easily be learnt, a good fashion designer needs to have certain talents as well. 


Arguably, being creative is the most important skill an individual needs to be a good fashion designer. Artistry and imagination can give you the necessary instincts to turn raw material into an amazing piece of art.

Excellent Drawing Ability

If you want to bring the designs in your imagination to life, you need to have strong drawing skills. Hence, to be a successful fashion designer, you should have the ability to bring your designs to life on paper. 

Fine Eye for Detail

While creating larger than life designs is great, a fashion designer also needs to understand the importance of completing a design with small nuances. Hence, they must have an amazing task and a great eye of intricate details. 

Strong Visualization Skills

The better your simulation skills, the more proficient you can be at making your designs come alive on the page so that as they move towards the final product, and colleagues and consumers have a better glimpse into the concept.

Steps To Become A Fashion Designer In India

If you take a close look at today’s lives of most fashion designers in the Indian and global landscape, you will know that the road to being a good fashion designer is not the same every day. Industry giants such as Ralph Lauren began his company by selling ties from Bloomingdales, while Michael Kors began selling his creations from a NY boutique. It can therefore be confidently said that you can achieve your dream of being a fashion designer through several paths, but one of the best bets is to get a degree from your country ‘s prestigious design academy or university.

We’ve listed down three simple steps that you should follow to become a prominent fashion designer in India. 

Step 1: Get The Required Education 

The first step to take in this direction is to choose the right designing course. While there are many you can choose from, we’d recommend pursuing the NIFT course. 

NIFT or National Institute of Fashion Technology is a premier design school in India. The majority of students who want to pursue a career in fashion design want to study at NIFT.

There are many other popular design colleges in the country. What separates the National Design Technology Institute from them, though, is that it offers more in-depth and varied courses related to the fashion industry.

They teach you about materials, illustration, aesthetic sense, design of clothes, style, etc. at NIFT.  The educational system solely focuses on various aspects related to clothes. In addition, NIFT teaches you the in and out of everything related to design.

Hence, many students who want to build a career in fashion designing strive to get admission in this prestigious course. Moreover, to ace the course, you could also consider taking NIFT classes in Pune. 

Step 2: Create A Stellar Portfolio 

Students should bear in mind that the fashion industry is extremely competitive and that a great artistic individual is needed by the industry. So you need to be sufficiently artistic to strive and think out of the box.

The Portfolio is a designer ‘s backbone. You are expected to build a marvellous artistic portfolio that will astonish the individual in front of you. An creative portfolio would offer a perfect platform for you to get under reputed fashion houses or designers.

Step 3: Start Small, Dream Big

You need to start exploring where you can apply for your internship as a student. You should also check for internships on the required website and social media as the globe is digitalized.

If you are good in marketing, you should apply for internships in retail stores such as Zara, Burberry, Lifestyle, Pantaloons, etc.

You can also work under Sabyasachi, a famous artist, Manish Arora, Rohil Bal, and others, if you’re more proficient in creating unique designs.   

As mentioned earlier, there are multiple ways to become a fashion designer and almost every prominent designers’ journey is different. However, an excellent way to assure a successful career in this industry is by completing the NIFT course. Of course, the course isn’t easy, hence, you could consider opting for NIFT courses in Pune. 

If you’re planning to start your journey as a fashion designer, you should consider contacting us at IID as we provide comprehensive NIFT and NATA coaching clases in Pune