NID entrance exam sometimes also referred to as NID Design Aptitude Test (DAT), is an entrance exam that a design aspirant needs to clear as a first step for getting admission into NID. Upon successfully qualifying in the NID DAT, the candidate is called for a Studio Test, followed by a personal interview.

The best way to prepare for an NID entrance is to be true to what you are and express your thoughts freely without having additional biases of what its impact would be on your admission.

The NID classes in Pune devise a pattern of study that eases the preparation for the Exam for the students, following which clearing the Entrance becomes much easier. IID is a top-notch institute constituting of experts, who guide you through the NID Entrance Exam.

Keeping this outline in mind, let’s see some tips that will help you take the first step towards performing well in NID Entrance Exam.

1. Briefly study the art history, don’t delve deep into studying the dates etc. The specific art eras, special events, the art forms, painting and their creators. It’s a whole world, so keep it simple!

2Indian art and craft, in short you can study or take a glance from Handmade in India by one of the greatest design educators ever, Late M P Ranjan.

3. Study the design principles selectively, if possible, refer to Universal Principles of Design. It comes with examples. However, one needs to have a fundamental understanding of these principles. In NID, questions are framed on these fundamentals principles which one has to understand and execute in the answer sheet. So put a greater emphasis on it.

4. Practice sketching. Make it a habit. Keep scribbling as much as you can. Sketch and fill at least 5 A4 sheets a day. Your hand should move freely. The free-flowing lines should show the confidence! Major areas in which one should practice are (i) Perspective drawing (ii) Human figure drawing (iii) Object drawing (play with light and shade) (iv) Compositions with objects and human figures.

IID is offering NID crash courses in Pune which will help you hone your practicing skills and get you ready for the final race.

5Concept of frames, one should be able to tell a story in frames. It’s the basic concept of motion graphics, simple example can be a flip book. E.g. How you can describe in, say, 6/8 steps.

6Presentation techniques. Let your creative mind be pragmatic as well as aesthetically appealing. The given space should be used optimally to represent your final solution. It is highly desirable if you can also show the journey of how you have incorporated the final thought after exploring other thoughts (the other thoughts which you have rejected and found the final thought as more effective).

7Creative ability part– Having a good imagination is important if you want to be a designer. In the creative ability part, for example, say, the car beetle is actually inspired from beetle. How the shape/form has been transformed needs to be practiced with other forms.

8Numerical ability/reasoning. Practice. Prepare from previous years question paper. While it is not possible to find one specific book for this, referring to RS Agarwal’s verbal ability might help to some extent.

9. Keep a tab on the current affairs on design. A lookout on the current design events, will definitely help. Follow design pioneers like IDEO.

Preparing for the NID Entrance is not a hard task if you are creative, imaginative and a quick learner. A little dedication and effort are all you need.

Ideaa Institute of Design (IID), is one of the most preferred NID classes in Pune that provide crash courses guiding you through the entire syllabus in a short span of time. Our team of expert faculty use innovative and traditional teaching methods, which focuses on theoretical as well as practical knowledge. At IID, we employ a practical approach, and train students to have a hands-on experience on the subject, because it is imperative for a design student to know and understand the application aspect as well.

With very little time left for the Phase 1 NID Exam, it is advantageous that you join the NID crash course in Pune (IID), and obtain the right guidance to crack the NID Entrance Exam.