UCEED is a special Entrance Exam conducted by IIT Bombay, for students aspiring to get admission in the B. Des program, in one of the IITs’ in the country.

UCEED is not a conventional test. As of 2018, It has excluded a secondary round of testing (studio, material handling, interviews or portfolios), that the other design entrance exams include. Contrary to the design test exclusion, a Drawing test section has been added to the newly modified UCEED Exam syllabus.

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What are the areas you need to familiarise yourself with?

  • Visualization and spatial ability
  • Environment and social awareness
  • Observation and design sensitivity
  • Analytical and Logical reasoning
  • Language and Creativity
  • Problem solving and design thinking

The structure of the UCEED 2020 Entrance Exam is as below:

Part A- 240 marks, Time allotted: 2 hours 30 minutes

  • Numerical Answer type (NAT) questions– For these types of questions, the answer is a numerical value, which has to be entered through a virtual keyboard. There are no choices given for these questions. Each correct answer is awarded 4 marks. There is no Negative marking.
  • Multiple select questions (MSQ)– Each question has one or more right answer(s) out of the given choices. The complete 4 marks is awarded only if the candidate gets the complete answer right. The wrong answer will be marked a (-0.19) in this section.
  • Multiple choice Questions (MCQ)– There is only one right answer for these types of questions. For Each right answer, 3 marks are awarded, the wrong answer will be marked a negative (-0.71) in this section.

Part B- 60 marks, Time allotted: 30 mins

  • The Drawing test consists of one question, which is aimed at testing the drawing skills, which requires subjective evaluation. The question will be displayed on the computer screen, and the answer has to be written/drawn in the answer book provided by the invigilator only. The question is mandatory. 

Here are some of the tips to follow while preparing for the UCEED Entrance:

  • Conceptual Knowledge– Understand and familiarise yourself with the Concepts of the 9th and 10th standard of Science and Mathematics. Your sense of application in Mathematics is essential. Solve questions from the previous year papers to check how proficient you are with the concepts.

(ii) Reasoning and AptitudeFollow the questionnaires from examinations conducted by UPSC, Bank P.O., RBI or exams similar to those. Solve your regular puzzles etc to gain more knowledge.

(iii) English Comprehension- Make it a habit to read newspapers. Although it may seem a bit old fashioned in today’s digital world, a newspaper contains a brief collection of all the information of all different fields like Arts, Sports, Design, Politics etc., described in a few words, which makes it an ideal information source. Not only does it give you the information you require but also improves your comprehension.

(iv) General Knowledge– Cover sections on technology specific to design interventions. There are other areas too that will have a definite implication/ relevance to the domain of design.

(v) The present trends of Design- Prepare for this section by studying the existing logos, brand taglines, famous personalities in Design etc.

(vi) Understand the elements and basic principles of Design, like colour, theory, typography, animation techniques etc.,

(vii) Study the art history briefly– Do not try to learn all of it. Just go through the different art forms, the highlighted events etc.,

(viii) Colour theory– The colour theory is crucial for any designer. Understanding how colours are formed is one of the most important art techniques there is. You need to be creative and be genuinely passionate to know what colours can do. Understand and go through colour techniques to answer this question.

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