In order to crack the NID 2020 entrance exam in the first attempt, it is crucial to focus on the basics and practice conceptual sketching. Here are some of the most trusted tips from IID, one of the best NID classes in Kothrud, to give this exam your best shot-

1.Speed matters as much as accuracy. NID classes in Pune emphasise upon this point during almost every session because students tend to get carried away in their attempt to come up with an accurate sketch and end up losing track of time.

2.Solve question papers of previous years. Every NID course in Pune offers students with an extensive question bank of question papers of previous years. Solving these questions in stipulated time frame gives the students a better idea about what to expect from their final exam.

3.Read newspapers regularly to keep yourself updated about current affairs and contemporary topics. These will help you to enhance your creativity and broaden your outlook.

4.Practice only on A4 size papers because that is the size of your exam sheets. Most NID classes in Kothrud supply students with A4 size papers as a part of their practice kit.

5.NID classes in Pune insist students to focus on developing their visualisation and observation skills because mugging up doesn’t help in cracking NID exams.

6.Always practice drawing with a light hand and complete the outline first before filling in the details. That way even if you do make a mistake, you can rectify it relatively quickly.

7.Students who have the ability to think out-of-the-box have a better chance of cracking NID than others. So, NID classes in Pune stress upon the significance of developing this ability early on.

8.Practice communicating your thoughts through conceptual sketching. This will help you to express your ideas through your sketching better during the exams.

Cracking NID is the first and the most crucial step in your journey .

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