Architecture has become a fast-growing field in many parts of the country. With each year passing by, the number of aspiring architects has grown in number. Pune is one of the many cities offering a wide range of coaching classes to pass the entrance exams NATA, NID, UCEED.

A structured pattern of study is designed by IID coaching classes in Pune to help the students crack the exams with ease.

The coaching schedule consists of crash courses that are spread out throughout the year, along with the weekend batches that last for a year, or even two, depending on the duration of course chosen by students.


National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) is an Architecture entrance exam conducted by the Council of Architecture (COA) for admission to the first year of the 5 years B.Arch. Degree course, at all recognized institutions all over the country. It has gained popularity and is vastly accepted as an aptitude test for the admission of the first year of the B.Arch. degree course in most of the recognized institutions across India.

The IID NATA coaching classes in Pune prepare a well formulated study material which

The syllabus is divided into three parts- Mathematics, General Aptitude, and Drawing Test, all of which are taught in detail throughout the course fulfilment.

Along with the syllabus patterns, test preparation exams, etc., a drawing material list is recommended to students that are to be bought and used during classes, to gain a mock experience of the actual exam and prepare them for the final hurdle. 


The National Institute of Design is a design school whose main campus is in Ahmedabad. The sister campuses are in Gandhinagar, Bangalore, and Vijayawada, Jorhat, Kurukshetra, and Bhopal. The programs offered here include Communication Design, Industrial Design and Textile, Apparel, Accessory, and lifestyle design.

  • The IID NID classes in Pune provide a perfectly outlined syllabus for B.Des, M.Des, and the GDPD courses, with imminent coaching over the course time.
  • NID is entitled to the benefit of rewarding academic exchange relationships with some of the well-known institutions/universities around the world.
  • The NID classes strive to provide the students with flexible, diverse, user-centred information services and resources.


The Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design is conducted for the admission of the B.Des program in IIT Bombay, IIT Guwahati, and IITD Jabalpur.

The UCEED courses in Pune taught by the coaching classes majorly focuses on the following topics:

  • Visualization and Spatial Ability
  • Observation and Design Sensitivity
  • Environmental and Social awareness
  • Analytical and Logical reasoning
  • Language and Creativity
  • Design thinking and problem solving

Students opt-in different ways while preparing for the UCEED, some prefer books for in-depth preparations, and some join coaching classes that provide good quality teaching. But most importantly, they need to have good knowledge of the syllabus and exam pattern which is where UCEED Classes play a significant role. Just like in NATA, NID classes, material required for optimum preparation of the exam, are provided by the coaching classes.


The right guidance can help improve consistency and regularity, which makes the grind more bearable, as it is a supremely competitive exam.

All in all, these act as stepping stones for students who dream of a bright future in architecture. Once they land a suitable degree, they can script their success in the field.

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