NIFT is the leading design and fashion institute in India with 16 campuses across the country. The NIFT exam is a test of knowledge, skill, and aptitude. To get admitted to the B.Des program in NIFT, you need to clear two tests.

The first is the written test comprising of two phases: The General Ability test and the Creative ability test followed by the second round, the Situation test.

Performing well in the written test will amp up your advantage, but if you want to make the cut, you have to ace the Situation test as well.

The situation test is a hands-on test to evaluate the candidate’s material handling skills and innovative ability.

NIFT classes in Pune equip students with practice sketches, question banks, and several previous year question papers for reference. During the course, numerous practice tests are conducted to improve students’ overall skills.

Steps to follow during the situation test:

  • A situation test consists of three questions out of which you need to choose one.
  • The questions in a situation test are such that wherein, you are required to describe a scenario through 3D models. Example: Describe the workplace of a painter.
  • The aim is to put up a clear visual representation of the answer to the question.
  • The first step is to use your imagination and note down the tools etc., a painter would use and make a mind map to get the concept right.
  • Make neat sketches of the models to be built, so you get a clear idea of what materials can be used to make the model look clean and to make it sturdy.
  • Clean lines, bold sketching matters. So make your design a fine one.
  • Time is of absolute importance. You are given a total of two hours to complete the entire task and you must complete the task within 90 minutes and save the last 30 for the write-up.
  • Give yourself the last half an hour for the write-up. The write up is important. Why? An architect needs to not only know the know-how of design but also know how to effectively communicate the same.

Some of the frequently asked questions about the NIFT situation test:

  • Does the situation test decide the NIFT rank?

Yes, the situation test plays a very important role in deciding the final rank. While the CAT and GAT account for 30% and 50% of the marks respectively, the situation test comprises of 20% of the total weightage which plays a major role in improving and deciding your final rank.

  • How hard is the NIFT situation test?

Its very easy if you have the right knowledge and skills. Any kind of situation test basically checks the practical design skills of a student. You need to learn how to build things quickly on your own. It is test to check how well you can present a concept in your mind.

  • What do you have to write in the write-up in the NIFT situation test?

Basically you need to describe the idea you pick up after reading the question followed by the model you have created and the materials used for making it.

  • What are the frequently asked in the NIFT situation test?

here are few types of questions which are repeated. Topic can be chosen on the basis of question. Questions are usually related to latest social problems/initiatives. Questions may also come up with any hypothetical situation. Some of the frequent questions been asked:

  1. Create a tool that helps a bus conductor do his job better.
  2. Design a work place of either an artist or a doctor’s clinic.
  3. Create a model that depicts your expression on corruption.
  • What is the chance of getting admission for NIFT if I got selected for the situation test?

Getting selected for the situation test doesn’t confirm your chances of getting admission. But your chances are going to increase if you do well in the situation test. So let your creative juices flow!!!

  • If we got “provisionally shortlisted” for the NIFT situation test, does that mean I’ll get in one of the NIFT centers?

No, It doesn’t mean that you will get in one of the NIFT centres, Provisionally shortlisted means – You have qualified for the second phase of the exam which is Situation test, After this you will be allotted a Common Merit Rank, On the basis of this rank and the Category to which you belong, you will Have to choose the Course and Centre at the time of counselling.

There is no fool proof method to crack the exam, so the best way to ensure good results, is to keep practicing to boost your confidence.

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