NID or NIFT? This is a common question that plagues most of aspiring designers as they struggle to choose the right institute for their studies. In order to decide which one is better for you, it is crucial to understand the difference between the courses provided at both these premier institutes in India.

Established in 1961, NID or National Institute of Design offers B.Des and M.Des courses and covers areas such as product designing, design engineering, design innovation, and product concept development. This institute was established in 1961 and is entirely focused on product development, aesthetics, and art. NID has only 3 centers in India at Ahmadabad, Gandhinagar, and Bangalore, so the seats are limited.  Cracking the entrance becomes prime criteria as there are limited seats. Also, portfolio is a must for NID entrance exam.

Established in 1986, NIFT of National Institute of fashion Technology is India’s leading fashion designing and management institute which offers diploma courses, bachelor’s degree courses, master’s degree courses as well as PhD programs.NIFT campuses across India are as follows:

NIFTDelhi, -headquarters, main campus and university head office) in New Delhi NIFT Bengaluru, NIFT Bhopal, NIFT Bhubaneswar, NIFT Chennai, NIFT Gandhinagar,  NIFT Hyderabad, NIFT Jodhpur, NIFT Kangra, NIFT Kannur, NIFT Kolkata, NIFT Mumbai,  NIFT Patna, NIFT Raebareli, NIFT Shillong, NIFT Srinagar,  2 more coming up in Panchkula and Varanasi.

This is a place for aspiring  fashion designers and stylists as the curriculum here is broader and covers more aspects of the fashion field such as clothing and apparel. The courses here revolve around various areas of the fashion industry such as fabrics, aesthetic sense,styling, illustration, garment construction, and most importantly, the technology that goes into these areas. NIFT has 16 centers across India, so the amount of seats available is more as compared to NID. Group discussions and Personal interview are important from NIFT entrance exam point of view.

Both, NID as well as NIFT, select students based on a rigorous evaluation in the form of an entrance exam and so, securing a place at any of the two places is not a cakewalk. There cannot be a clear-cut answer as to which institute among the two is better as the choice depends on the inclination and career plans of aspirants and hence the answer may differ from person to person.

The necessary syllabus and course structure for both entrance exams is different . It needs to be taught with different approaches. At IID, we have a highly specialized team which prepares the content and develops it further so that students get benefitted from the same.  In a cut throat competition today, one needs to upgrade the knowledge continuously. So, we have developed the latest and updated study material to help our students crack both the exams with flying colours.

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