JEE Paper-2, 2019 was held on January 8, 2019. Students who want to take admissions to B.Plan and B.Arch attempted the exam. Total number of students appearing for the exam was 180052. It was conducted in 2 shifts, morning shift and afternoon shift. According to students, there were no changes in the pattern of Paper-2,2019 compared to previous years.

Overall JEE Paper-2, 2019 was easy to moderate level. As per the students, the difficulty level of mathematics was quite high and drawing section was easier as compared to the previous year.

The paper was divided into 3 parts: All questions in Part-I & Part-II were MCQ’s with single correct answer objective type. The distribution was as follows:

In the aptitude section, there were questions on identifying the top view, front view of 3-dimensional objects/shapes, identifying mirror images, there were 10-15 questions on general knowledge. For ex. Full-form of NASA/ISRO and also location of places with architectural importance.

SectionQuestionsMarking Scheme
Part-I : Mathematics Section
(Online Mode)
30 questions

(120 Marks)
(+4) for Correct Response.(-1) for Incorrect Response, 0 If Not Attempted
Part-II : Aptitude Section
(Online Mode)
50 questions

(200 marks)
(+4) for Correct Response(-1) for Incorrect Response, 0 If Not Attempted
PART-III : Drawing section3 questions (70 Marks) Q1- 30 marks Q2 & Q3 - 20 marks each.

In the drawing section (shift 1), questions asked were as follows:

QUESTION 1 had three parts and students had to attempt ANY ONE.
  1. Design the curtain of small girl’s room.
  2. Sketch your favorite film actor.
  3. Sketch the scene of people sitting around a bonfire.
– 30 MARKS
QUESTION 2: A square design was given and students had to draw the same by drawing the replica to double its size.
– 20 MARKS
QUESTION 3: Students had to draw a square with random designs using curved lines & colour.
– 20 MARKS

In drawing section (shift 2), questions asked were as follows::

QUESTION 1: Make a mirror image of a shape.
– 20 MARKS
QUESTION 2: Here were 3 options in this question
  1. To make the picture of your school
  2. Draw the sketch of your favourite actor and male shirt using patterns and colours.
– 30 MARKS
QUESTION 1: Make any unusual shape only using triangles.
– 20 MARKS

As the JEE Paper 2 is going to be conducted twice a year now, the second exam is scheduled between 16th -20th April.


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