UCEED exam is a mix of logical thinking and creative thinking at the same time. Seeing the unseen, being able to visualize, imagine, recreate, design and solve a particular problem is what UCEED is all about. In IIT, a student has to have a correct attitude to overcome problems by the use of various approaches. Being a problem identifier as well as solver is crucial.

UCEED coaching in Pune equips you with the analytical skills required to make it big in IIT. Problem identification is one most important tools for a designer besides sketching. When you start observing things, you will come to know some problems as well as alternatives.

Few tips necessary to crack IIT-UCEED EXAM are given below:                        

PART A-                                                                                           

  1. Focus on mathematical geometry:

Maths is an integral part of design. Thus, solving mathematical problems is of utmost importance.The paper comprises of geometry-type questions that can assess a person’s imaginative powers, observation skills, creativity and lateral thinking.                                 

  1. Visualization and observation skills need to be sharpened:

Observe everything around you. For example: Observe activities on road, at home, in school. Try to recall them, sketch them out. This will help in sharpening your memory by the means of observation.

  1. Pay attention to abstract tests:

Preparing for questions that can help in assessing abstract, mechanical and mathematical aptitude is necessary. Abstract tests assess an aspirant’s pattern finding and problem solving ability.

  1. English comprehension and language:

Being fluent in English is not a requirement. But reading/ comprehension/ being able to convey the ideas is important. Thus, basic knowledge of English as a language is important. Read newspapers/ magazines daily to understand how a language is used to describe various events/ situations etc.

  1. Reasoning tests:

Solve a lot of puzzles/ riddles etc.

  1. Keep yourself updated about environmental studies and general knowledge:

Keeping a track of current cultural/ political/ social scenarios is very important.

  1. Go through the previous year’s papers:

Studying and solving previous years’ question papers will help one understand the types and level of questions.

  1. When creating designs, one should ensure that they are environment-friendly:

Your design must not have a negative impact on the environment’s future. Also, the ongoing concept of ‘Go Green’ must be kept in mind while creating the designs.


  1. Practice free hand drawing:

Practice basic perspective drawings and figure sketches. It is also important to inculcate creative thinking for this part. Sketch everyday objects. This should include representing objects as they are, with their material and texture. You need not to be great artist, but you should be able to convey through your sketches well.

  1. Read comic strips/ comics/ creative visualization in newspapers:

They help students learn to build a storyboard.Some questions are asked to be represented as a story line.

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Solving mock papers at IID while appearing for their test series will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

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