Pune is called the Oxford of East with education being the most important criteria which attracts numerous students from worldwide to study in Pune. Apart from the availability of numerous colleges across Pune, there are numerous private institutions available for education, including UCEED coaching classes in Pune. Aiming to be the best, one needs to learn from the best. Continue Reading

UCEED exam is a mix of logical thinking and creative thinking at the same time. Seeing the unseen, being able to visualize, imagine, recreate, design and solve a particular problem is what UCEED is all about. In IIT, a student has to have a correct attitude to overcome problems by the use of various approaches. Being a problem identifier as well as solver is crucial.

UCEED coaching in Pune equips you with the analytical skills required to make it big in IIT. Problem identification is one most important tools for a designer besides sketching. When you start observing things, you will come to know some problems as well as alternatives. Continue Reading