As one dreams of becoming an architect, clearing the entrance exam is the basic criteria. The second most important step is preparation. How to prepare, what to prepare, how much to practice are a few questions that need to be answered. First of all, heartiest congratulation to all who cleared their 10th standard boards, with flying colors. cheers!!

Let’s take it stepwise to help clear the doubts easily.

Question 1. Few questions that pop up in 11th Standard are-
a. If a student is enrolled in 11th standard and has a clear focus of attempting NATA, it is the correct time to join a course?
b. Why should I Join a 2 years course if there are courses available for 1 year?
c. What are the differences between 2 years and 1-year courses of Nata?

Answer: Having attempted 10th standard exam, being in 11th standard is a little bit relaxing with respect to exam pressure. 11th is relatively easier than 10th. Having said, that, one cannot afford to not pay attention to studies in 11th. Focusing on regular studies is equally important because of subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry. These subjects are required to be studied in detail as lots of questions in MCQ’s can be from these fields. Having said that, ideally, a student should start preparation for NATA in a good institute or coaching classes from 11th standard as it’s not the that difficult year so you can develop on the basic skills set. Doing paperwork and understanding concepts is one way of learning. Making models to understand the same concept is another. So, at IID, we not only teach based on pen and paper but also do a lot of experiments with model making to understand concepts better.
The foundation year -as we call it, will encompass the detailed study of drawing techniques, material exploration, the study of texture, play and handling of various equipment like tools for making or crafting jewelry. basic creative skill set development is the key factor explored in the Foundation year program which helps them develop their mental ability, creative ability, and logical reasoning through classroom teaching and workshops.
Thus joining an institute like IID, one can be sure that only classroom teaching methods will not be carried out, learning through exploration will be the main focus. Being in 11th standard has its perks as there is time for exploration. Thus, such creative activities help students develop a creative mind for better imagination.

Question 2: Few questions that pop up in 12th standard are-
a. If I’m in class 12th is it the right time to join the course? Will it be difficult for me to take NATA now?
b.Why should I Join a 2 years course if there are courses available for 1 year?
c. What are the differences between 2 years and 1-year courses of Nata?

Answer: As a student enrolls in 12th standard the courses like PCM start becoming the focus. The aim to achieve the best in 12th standard boards is the primary goal/ target since the future/ career depends on the same. Thus the students feel pressurized at times to cope up. Now being in class 12th you have to concentrate more on your boards as well as NATA preparation which can be a little bit difficult.
Joining an institute for NATA being in 12th standard is very crucial. Since the time is less and creativity takes time to develop. So doing self-study- is not impossible, but with correct guidance from apt people can definitely help you reduce the load of doing everything on your own. Getting trained from the experts in the field will help the student understand concepts faster and better. It’s never too late to learn anything new. At IID, we have specially designed and
focused courses specifically for 12th standard students keeping in mind the paucity of time. Workshops are also an integral part of students who join the 1-year course when in 12th. But as compared to students who enroll in 11th standard, due to less time availability we tend to focus more on the core teaching and creative thinking ability development. Thus, the students tend to learn in-depth even if the time is less. Being in 12th has its own perks as well- students tend to understand concepts better as they have a base of 11th standard, which helps them learn faster and better.

Thus, no matter if a student is in 11th or 12th standard, joining a professional institute like IID, will help you reach one step closer to your dreams by taking one step at a time.

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