Though NATA and JEE B.Arch serve the same purpose of testing the aptitude of aspiring architects, the institutes for which students can secure admission for B.Arch courses through these exams are different. By appearing for JEE Paper 2, students can apply to the centrally-funded IITs and NITs whereas, through NATA, students become eligible for admission to architectural collages for B.Arch course. So, based on this sole point, NATA holds a higher value if you are sure about architecture as your field of choice.

It is common for students to be confused regarding this choice as both exams are essentially undertaken with the same aim in mind. To find a clear answer to this question, here are some points worth considering-NATA is essentially a national level exam considered as the gospel for architecture aspirants are it helps them get admission into a large variety of certified institutes across the country. This could be a short-coming when it comes to JEE Mains because it gets students only into centrally funded institutes. Another thing to be pondered upon is regarding the difference in the paper patterns.

In NATA, students have to appear for both, online and offline tests while in JEE, students have to appear for three sections which are offline and online. For JEE Paper 2, 1/4th mark is deducted for each incorrect answer. In NATA there is no negative marking.

Additionally, the NATA syllabus tests students on all technical topics related to architecture such as the history and current ideas of structures, monuments, and logos whereas JEE Mains evaluates students on their Mathematics ability at a slightly higher level (same as JEE paper 1). So, the emphasis and the preparation for both exams would also be different.

These are the primary differences between the two exams which we hope will help you to make the best choice. If there are any other doubts in your mind regarding this decision, you can seek help from a certified coaching institute like IID to answer your queries.

Also, in case you are really confused, you can always appear for both the tests which will enable you to apply to almost all the government and some private institutes.

Good luck!

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