With the NATA Exams just around the corner, your exam preparations need to be in full swing. Your confidence might be saying “I’m all set and prepared”, but your anxiety might make you question yourself whether you’ve done enough or not.

A thorough preparation is what you need at this point, and with the limitation of time, a NATA crash course would be your best option. Not just any NATA crash course in Pune, but one that’s going to prepare you to take the big leap with full confidence.

You’ve probably gone through several sites looking for the best NATA crash courses in Pune, but first let’s consider an important question- What is it that you’re looking to gain from this crash course? At Ideaa Institute of design (IID), our focus lies in creating a paradigm in education using new/ innovative techniques and methods of teaching.

IID offers crash courses spanning for 10 days/14 days/28 days respectively. Depending on the students’ convenience and preference they can choose the batch that suits them best.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of joining a NATA crash course?

  • Expertise- You are in good hands! Learning under the guidance of experts, who at one point of time, have not only gone through what you’re about to, but have had years of experience and expertise in the field, only makes your preparation better.
  • Discipline- Let’s face it, not all of us have it in us to self-discipline ourselves and study with a 100% dedication. A crash course at IID, will not just help with your discipline, but also makes for a fun and interactive session.
  • Aptitude- Contrary to what you might think, developing your aptitude needs discipline. And sure, you can do it at home. But pointing back to the previous point, developing aptitude needs dedication, discipline and constant perseverance. That discipline, is something you can only get by sitting in a class. At least for most of us.
  • Customized Study Material- We are experts who have been doing this for a while, so we know exactly what you need to study and what you needn’t. Based on which we provide customized study materials which are easy to understand and learn from.
  • Expert assessment- Even if you are good enough to understand, learn and self-study, unlike other exams where there is a right and wrong answer, NATA has other sections that cannot be self-assessed. An expert suggestion or guidance is highly necessary and recommended.
  • Practice- A crash course not just ensures that you are getting the right guidance, but allows you a dedicated amount of time to practice sketching and drawing, which is one of the most integral part to performing well in the NATA Exam.
  • Regularity- As the Exams approach, so does your anxiety! Attending a crash course ensures that you get a regular brush up and practice, giving no space to your anxiety.
  • Pattern changes- NATA exam pattern isn’t like other exams. With every changing year, the paper style changes as well. At IID, we stay on top of all the upcoming changes pertaining to the exam, and keep our students updated.
  • Time management- Last but definitely not the least, in a crash course you learn how to efficiently manage your time during an exam which is very crucial.

Ideaa Institute of Design (IID), has been known for their professional excellence and their innovative and creative teaching methods. We are passionate about imparting the right knowledge to students in order to develop their skills and ensure that they get the best out of our course. If you’re looking for a NATA crash course in Pune, IID is definitely your best bet. Our main aim is to offer students programs that suits them best, help them crack the NATA Entrance Exam, and lead them towards the finest architecture colleges in India.