By the time they hit the tenth grade of school, many students in India have a good idea of what they’d like as they grow up.

What’s more, with more career options gaining prominence in the country, students have more liberty when it comes to building a lucrative career. 

However, to be able to keep up with the immense competition, it’s important to start early. For example, if you’re planning to pursue a career in the fashion designing industry, it helps if you choose Arts as your primary stream of education. This will help you maintain a consistent interest in topics related to your field, thereby enabling you to better respond to the courses offered by fashion design schools.

If you’re planning to take your first step to building a career in fashion design, you should consider learning more about the subjects taught by colleges, which can help you prepare better. Although the individual fashion design subjects list differs by institution, all of them, in particular, offer the below courses:

  • Creative design
  • Pattern drafting
  • Fashion illustration
  • Fashion and art
  • Fitting

Besides that, based on the institute chosen by a student, each one of the above subject areas can cover:

  • History of fashion designing
  • Trends
  • Youth fashion market
  • Equipment
  • Fabrics and Raw materials
  • Tools and Materials
  • Clothing Designing
  • Product Making
  • Pattern making by hand
  • Illustrations
  • Surface ornamentation

At this stage, you might not be aware that fashion designing courses in India cater to multiple industries over the course. This is to ensure that you are able to venture into various aspects of the field to find the niche that suits you the best. For example, you’ll have to study particular subjects for the garment industry, and then completely switch gears to learn about fashion designing in the graphic design market. At Ideaa Institute of Design, we aim to help our students prepare for entrance exams for design colleges like NID, while also giving you a better understanding of the subjects you’re going to learn more about during your course. 

Mentioned below are some of the most prominent industry-based subjects that you’re most likely to learn during your fashion designing course. 

Graphics in Fashion Designing

Although there are numerous options available after enrolling in a fashion designing school, one of the most common among students is to learn the graphics included in fashion designing. However, many people are unaware of the various divisions of the topic and hence become perplexed as to what to choose and how to proceed and achieve it.

There are five major divisions of graphic design, and each of them works both individually and collaboratively to create a successful fashion designer.

Construction Basics Course

As the name implies it is an introduction to how different textiles are being used in fashion design and how various customized garments are produced. Students studying in this course learn how to cut, seam, and stitch assorted textiles and clothing to create a finished product. Students also learn about the various forms of cloth used in dress design and how a minor change in sewing or cutting can result in a completely unique design.

Textiles Course

This course, as the name implies, focuses on the various styles of textiles used in the fashion design world. Students studying in this course will hear about the many fabrics used and how natural but man-made textiles have changed over time. They are also taught how to deal with materials such as linen, cotton, and wool.

Pattern Making Course

This course is often offered as one of the first courses of most colleges, and it teaches students how to create a master design that can be used to create a variety of garments. Students receive instruction that teaches them the fundamentals of pattern design, as well as the rules and regulations to observe and how a small variation in traditional pattern designs will result in a completely unique development.

Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD) Course

The CAD course is among the most important topics in fashion design, second only to the portfolio development course. The relevance and value of this topic stem from the fact that technology and the use of sophisticated drawing and modelling tools are needed to succeed in every competitive field, such as fashion design. Scholars participating in this course learn technical design specifications, terminology, and the fundamentals of using CAD. This subject is usually taught to students in their second year of a fashion design course.

Portfolio Development Course

While it has been left for last, this course is without a doubt the most critical for any fashion design student. This course is critical because it shows them how to build a portfolio and demonstrate all of the knowledge and experience they have gained over the course of four years. Students learn about perceptive learning and how to plan and bring together a series of images, as well as how to show the photographs.

Students can also collaborate with runway productions to learn about model fitting, exhibition music selection, and other aspects of putting on a fashion show.


With the advancement of technology, there’s no doubt that the world of fashion is changing rapidly. Moreover, due to the plethora of opportunities present, the competition is fierce. At IID, we focus on preparing students well in advance to ensure they’re able to ace entrance exams and secure admissions in prestigious colleges, and take a beneficial first step towards a lucrative career in fashion designing

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