If you are preparing for B.Arch entrance exams then you should also attempt NATA and JEE Paper 2. IID students have a special benefit as we offer offline and online learning facility with comprehensive preparation techniques.

Here are few key tips to succeed in NATA Examination 2019

  • Thinking if you draw well, you will do well, is a complete misnomer! Good sketching is essential, but one needs to hone their skills in the topics mentioned above to be able to excel in this area
  • Be Creative: On questions based on drawing, always draw with a light hand first, focusing on outlining without the details.
    The drawing questions tests creativity & imagination, in addition to your sense of perspective.
  • Time management: It’s crucial to present your ideas & thoughts in a limited time span
  • Practice past NATA papers: Go through all previous exam papers of NATA & solve at least 10- 20 past papers within the
    time limit
  • Increased awareness:  Focus on the construction work happening around you, read the newspapers regularly &
    Increase your observation power. Also, try to find out about famous architects & their works & how they have contributed to architecture.
  • Practice your skills in sketching using dry mediums

In addition to the above immense determination, focus & hard is essential to succeed in any examination. The world today is competitive which requires an individual to be on top of their game to excel! IID’s Faculty ensures we develop students to not just crack competitive exams, but also to go on to become a responsible member of the society.

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