The Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design (UCEED) tests candidates’ ability to think creatively while also evaluating their ability to reason logically.

In the UCEED 2023 exam, prospective students will be judged on how well they can conceptualize a solution to a problem and then provide a design to implement that solution. 

The date of the UCEED 2023 test has been announced. The examination is scheduled to take place in January 2023. The UCEED 2023 will follow a similar pattern to the previous year’s. The design of questions on the UCEED test was altered the year before last by the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay (IIT Bombay). Instead of the usual 85 questions, the exam this time around only included 69 questions.

Over 12,000 students take the UCEED test each year to secure one of the 179 available admissions spots at one of the 179 UCEED member universities. In light of the data mentioned above, it should be no surprise that the competition for this design admission test is fierce. 

Hence, if you’re considering attempting the UCEED 2023, you should consider enrolling in a UCEED class at IID. Moreover, to give you a better overview, we’ve given a list of things you should do while preparing for UCEED. 

Focus on Mathematical Geometry

When it comes to the UCEED test, the subject of Mathematics is given a great deal of weight. Aspirants thus need to ensure that they devote sufficient time and effort to solving difficult mathematical problems throughout their test preparation. Reviewing the papers from previous years of the UCEED reveals that most of the exam consists of mathematical geometry problems designed to test candidates’ imagination, observation, and visualization abilities. 

Sharpen Observation and Visualization Skills

Observation is one of the key abilities of applicants assessed in the UCEED exam. To excel in this component of this Design exam, potential candidates are recommended to closely monitor everything that is happening around them, whether it be a journey on the way back home, regular daily tasks in the house, or their school proceedings. It is recommended for aspirants to go back to situations like these and draw the pictures that play out in front of them. Candidates may improve their ability to observe more carefully with the aid of this activity.

Solve Sample Papers & Mock Tests

Candidates are strongly encouraged to take as many practice examinations and mock tests as they can lay their hands on to prepare for the UCEED adequately. It is helpful to work through UCEED mock tests and sample papers to get a sense of the kinds of questions that will be included in the entrance examination and to figure out a strategy that will allow you to finish the UCEED question paper within the allotted amount of time on the day of the examination.

Pay Extra Attention to Abstract Tests

It is anticipated that the UCEED 2023 will feature several abstract assessments to evaluate applicants’ ability to see patterns and discover solutions to problems. Therefore, applicants are obligated to make sure that they start practicing as many questions as possible that are relevant to mechanical and abstract issues.

Be Acquainted with GK & Environmental Studies

It is common knowledge that the UCEED test has a fair amount of general knowledge, including current affairs questions. As a result, applicants should be updated on environmental concerns and events and general knowledge and current events.

Practice Sketching

Candidates for the UCEED should devote as many hours as possible to developing their figure sketching plus free-hand drawing skills to prepare for the exam adequately. This will come in handy on the day of the examination when applicants will be asked to draw answers to various questions and represent their thinking process via designs they have created on their own.

In addition to drawing, applicants must ensure that the designs they create are not harmful to the surrounding ecosystem. Moreover, applicants need to ensure that they score the highest possible on the designs they make when improving their sketching abilities to succeed.


While there’s no doubt that cracking the UCEED can give you a serious boost in your design career, it’s not an easy challenge. However, at IID, we offer various workshops and UCEED coaching classes in Baner and Pune. It is our goal to ensure all our students are well-prepared and have an in-depth understanding of each subject. To learn more about how we can help if you’re planning to take the UCEED test, contact our experts today