Over the past years, the architectural industry has grown exponentially, which has resulted in the growth of multiple opportunities for employment. Hence, many students are drawn to this lucrative, creative and rewarding industry. 

If you’re planning to jump the bandwagon and pursue a career in architecture, the first step you need to cross is qualifying the NATA (National Aptitude course for Architecture). To be eligible to take this course, you need to a 10+3 diploma in any stream, however, mathematics is mandatory. Moreover, you need to secure at least 50% in 10+2 or equivalent examinations. 

That being said, qualifying for the NATA can be challenging, as it comprises of a drawing test along with an MCQ aptitude test. You can either choose to prepare for the exam yourself or enrol in NATA Coaching classes in Pune. 

In this blog, we’ve provided a few tips that you can use to successfully ace the NATA. 

Improve Your Drawing Ability

Being able to create structures in the form of drawings is one of the most important parts of an architectures job profile. Hence, you need to master your drawing ability to crack the NATA. Here are some factors to consider: 

  • Your sketches should be proportionate, yet visually appealing 
  • Get creative and harness your natural ability to visualize 
  • Ensure your sketch covers the effects of light on objects, including the shadow cast by an object and on the surroundings 
  • Master composing and 3D elements to create a structure or a building 

While the technical skills are important, you should also try to develop a profound sense and conception of perspective drawing, while giving importance to proportions and scales. 

How To Crack the MCQ Section

The MCQ section is a computer-based test comprising of 40 multi-choice questions. To score well in this section, you need to have a good hold on the conception of the subject. While grading this section, you will be judged on the variety of questions you were able to answer, the difficulty level of the questions and the coverage of the content. Depending on the difficulty of the question, you will have between 60-90 seconds to answer each question. To ace the MCQ section, you need to focus on the following: 

  • Architectural awareness
  • Imagination 
  • Observation 
  • Communication 
  • Creativity 

Solve Old Question Papers 

The best way to prepare for the NATA effectively is to solve old question papers. The format of the question paper does change periodically, the question pattern stays the same. While it’s highly unlikely that the questions will be repeated, solving old question papers will prepare you mentally for the exam while helping you analyze how well you know the subject. 

Depending on which sections you’re unable to answer while solving previous question papers, you can determine which areas and sections you need to focus on more. Essentially, the most you study and familiarize yourself with the concepts of the subject, the more you will be able to fathom the intricacies that exam offers. 

Revised drawing question format for 2020

Since corona pandemic took over, there have been changes , alterations in the way exams are being conducted. In Nata too, this year the way of attempting drawing based questions has also been altered. 

MCQ based drawing questions would be asked this year. Therefore understanding of core concepts of drawing syllabus is very crucial. Detailed knowledge of various topics like- colour schemes, perspectives, 3D composition, 2D composition etc is very necessary. Since the MCQ would have only one correct answer, one must be fully prepared to be able to select the correct option. 

Thus scoring in nata can become easier if the above mentioned steps are followed with apt understanding of all core concepts related to entire syllabus of Nata.

Seek Professional Help 

Pursuing the NATA can be tough, hence, it’s always recommended to enrol in NATA classes in Pune. The tutors will not only help you get a strong understanding of all the concepts but will also clear all your doubts and provide you with the latest information pertaining to the exam and the industry. 

If you’re planning to undergo the NATA, you should consider enrolling at the Ideaa Institute. We specialize in helping our students prepare for exams and provide NATA and NIFT Classes in Pune. For more information, contact us today.