NATA 2021 is round a corner and it is important for aspirants to ensure that they cover the entire syllabus and start revising the concepts and formulas.

Here are some of the important points on how to prepare for NATA 2021. Following these points, candidates can make an effective preparation strategy to secure a high score. 

Tips To Cracking NATA 2021

Complete Your Entire Syllabus 

Completing the syllabus as soon as possible is critical. The NATA 2021 syllabus consists of all the topics to be discussed by the candidates who are preparing for the entrance test. Candidates are also instructed, along with the syllabus, to go through the NATA 2021 examination pattern. This will help them learn about the test, such as length, mode, question form, and more. Getting an understanding of the exam pattern helps students to study in a much better manner.

Revision Is Key

In planning for any entrance test, revision plays a crucial role. It helps to recall all the formulas, principles and theories that will be asked for in the test. Even if each subject in the syllabus has been covered by a candidate, it is necessary to revisit them on a regular basis. This keeps them fresh in the mind. Also, concentrate more on the subjects you find hard to recall while revising.

Mock Tests Can Save The Day

Mock tests or sample papers should be devoted to the last 1 month of the exam. NATA 2021 mock tests allow applicants to have an insight into the examination. The mock tests are prepared in the same format used to prepare the actual question paper. In addition, candidates can get to know their preparation level, their strong and weak areas, using the mock tests. Use this information to understand where you are weak and need to work on. Over the last 1 month, the priority should be on improving the weak areas. It is recommended for candidates to try as many mock tests as possible.

Time, Speed & Accuracy Need To Be Perfect 

Time, speed and accuracy are the main variables for cracking the test. Candidates should know how to simultaneously handle all of these three variables. Most of the time, candidates fail to answer all the questions. This is caused by a lack of control of time. Therefore when studying for the test, applicants should concentrate on knowing time management while correctly answering questions.

Be Creative

You should know, as we talk about NATA, that creativity is the answer. You must practice drawing if you want to get into a good college because the key to this entrance exam is sketching. Begin with the easy ones and then continue to the tougher ones. Regardless of your style, every drawing you make should display your creativity. 

Drawing Skills Aren’t Everything 

Drawing ability alone will not help you crack NATA 2021. Yes, it is one of the main aspects of the entire examination, but more than drawing, questions that will be asked in the NATA 2021 paper will be framed on topics such as composing 3-D components, memory drawing, understanding scale & proportions, drawing of perspective, light & shadow effects, etc. Other than drawing or sketching, an online exam, which involves aptitude and arithmetic, should also be prepared to take place. Hence, it’s important to prepare for all these areas as well to get a good score. 

Teachers & Tutors Can Be Of Great Help

If you’re stuck in a particular section, asking your teachers or tutors from IID is a great way to get the information you need. Moreover, these professionals will also be able to point out any mistakes you are making and help you move forward in the right path. 

NATA 2021 Important Books

To successfully prepare for any exam, it’s crucial to have the right books. As NATA is a prestigious examination, there are a plethora of books available, but not all of them are helpful. Here is a list of important books that you need to focus on to crack NATA 2021. 


Area  Book Name / Author 
Quantitative Aptitude Books by R.S. Agarwal
Mathematical Problems Books by V Govorov, P.Dybov, N.Miroshin and S.Smirnova
Reasoning A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning 
Higher algebra Hall and Knight Bernard and J. M. Child
Calculus  I. A. Maron
For General Practice NATA & B.Arch Question Bank by Ar. Shadan Usmani
A Complete Self Study Guide for B.Arch by P. K. Mish


Important Instructions for Exam Day

The D-Day can be extremely stressful for candidates, hence, it’s important to prepare well in advance to ensure there are no challenges. First and foremost, you must follow the time schedule mentioned in the NATA brochure and Admit Card. Also, don’t forget to carry your Admit Card or you won’t be able to attend the examination. You also need to carry a photocopy of your identity proofs like Aadhar, Passport, Voter ID, etc. Remember, you’re not allowed to carry any pen, pencils, or calculators in the examination hall. So, it’s best to keep these things at home to prevent unnecessary confusion. 


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