An esteemed institution in the sphere of designing, National Institute of Design (NID) needs no introduction! It is a temple of knowledge for aspiring designing students that offer professional study programmers at Bachelors as well as Masters Level in five different streams and 20 varied design domains.

Students are sure to get all the information from NID syllabus to NID workshops 2018 on the institute’s website. But, what most aspiring designing students wonder and need to know is how a day at this prestigious place feels like!

So, how does a typical day at NID look like?

Here’s what we can tell you-

As per the NID syllabus, the students start their days with about 5 classes and lectures which are decided as per their discipline of study. The classes are followed by work and practical study at the respective discipline studios. Studios are nothing short of sacred places for NID students because that is where you get the chance to unleash your talent and passion for designing.

Apart from the regular NID syllabus, the professors also encourage students to spend their time doing their own research and learning new things from exchange of ideas. For this purpose, the NID library is one of the best places to spend the rest of your day.

The institute is always a buzz with on-campus as well as off-campus activities, not just for students of NID fashion designing but also for other streams like NID interior design course. Students get to enjoy and be a part of these innovative assignments, activities and trips that promote creativity and make learning fun.

Since this premiere institute believes that one of the best ways to be up-to-date with the trends of the industry is by organizing seminars and interactions with the experts, every academic year they follow a tradition of hosting lecture series and sessions throughout the semesters. Continuing with the same tradition this year as well, the institute has organised a fantastic line-up at the NID workshops 2018.